How Whole30 Lead to One Year of No Alcohol

by | Sep 30, 2019

I started Whole30 again on September 10th 2018, and this is the third time I’ve completed it strictly. The main reason for repeating it was to support my clients and family who were also completing it. If you are not familiar, the Whole30 is 30-day program where you eliminate foods that are known to cause inflammation in your body, inflammation known to contribute to many diseases and health conditions. Once completing the 30-day program, foods are strategically reintroduced to see if your body has intolerance to them. These foods are basically sugar, dairy, whole grains, legumes and alcohol.

One of the biggest benefits of doing the Whole30 again is that it was a good opportunity for me to justify not drinking for 30+ days. Last summer I got into a few marathon drinking days and felt that I was wasting so much time and money. I needed a break. I found completing it this time around was different.

In the past, the most difficult thing about Whole30 was eliminating the alcohol. I wanted to keep the same lifestyle (of going to parties, bars and clubs), just without drinking. That is fun for a little while, but eventually I needed to find other things I enjoyed doing that didn’t center around drinking. Once I realized that, I started planning hiking trips every weekend to keep me busy.

One of the hikes I did was a backpacking trip to Mt of the Holy Cross. We packed up everything we needed, camped the night before and summited the 14,000-foot mountain the next morning. Sitting on top of the summit and gazing out over the vast beauty of the Rocky Mountains, I had a major sense of clarity. I realized that I didn’t have to drink to have a good time. So I decided I was going to dedicate more time to adventuring, instead of drinking mimosas all afternoon.

So many positive things have started to happen since I eliminated alcohol. Within one week, I noticed my sleep became less restless. Also, my skin looks and feels much better. I have been able to exercise more regularly, especially Monday’s since I’m not feeling hung-over! I have a lot more energy in my workouts as I’m fueling my body with great food every day! As a bonus, I’ve lost 2.5% body fat, added a little muscle and overall feel much leaner.

Besides the physical results, I have experienced a higher level of satisfaction this time around. Without the temptation to drink, I’ve turned my personal quest to adventure (such as snowboarding, trail running and hiking), creating a more successful career, and overall being a better role model to my clients. I’ve realized that life can still be fun without alcohol. I’ve returned to studying regularly and should have my Precision Nutrition certification in just a few months! I started a successful CBD store, Vitality Source CBD. I’m also determined to do some big snow hikes this winter, so I’m attending winter mountaineering and avalanche courses to get ready.

Will I ever drink again? Who knows… I’m not going to say never. Right now it doesn’t sound appealing and I want to keep it that way!