Change the way you look at working out

by | Aug 16, 2018

Instead of working out, let’s practice!?!

You have said it a million times, “I have to go workout”. It sounds dreadful, you have to drag yourself to the gym and it’s the last thing you really want to do. Psychologically, you’re already defeated because you feel like it is something you have to do, instead of something you want to do! What if instead you said, “I’m going to go practice kettlebells”.

Many things like yoga, martial art, kettlebells and sports require practice to improve. It just so happens that during these practices, you burn body fat, build strong lean muscle and even increase your cardio capacity. Of course, it is the program that you follow that will get you your desired results.

What does programming have to do with anything?

Kettlebells are being used for a wide variety of reasons, and depending on your goals, the programming of your kettlebell practice will be different. One important thing to consider is work to rest ratios, if you are training for fat loss, strength or power these will be different. While it is true that kettlebells train all these areas, your specific program will dictate maximum results in each category. At The Kettlebell Project, we train in 12-week phases, that include a foundation phase, endurance phase and maximum strength phase. Each phase can be scaled to your ability and goals. We teach proper form, as well as tension and breathing techniques that will also play a huge part in the level of your success. The program principles you will learn at The Kettlebell Project will be something you can use for the rest of your life.’

Is kettlebell training right for me?

I have trained people with kettlebells from ages 8-80. From the most novice to highly athletic individuals. The movements done with a kettlebell can be very fundamental or creative, either way the challenge of training with a kettlebell burns body fat, builds strength and improves cardio endurance unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

For people with back pain, kettlebells are a safe way to strengthen your core to help alleviate the pain. if you have or have had a knee injury, the kettlebell swing takes the pressure off of the knees, since it is based on a hip hinge and utilizes the glutes and hamstrings instead of the quads. Have a shoulder issue? Windmills and TGU’s will stabilize and strengthen the entire shoulder complex as well as increasing the range of motion. I have worked with all of these types of clients and have witnessed the incredible results they get.

Kettlebells are fun, difficult, wonderful tools that create a passion and becomes a part of your lifestyle.

One last thing.

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