All Foods Are Not Just Calories In, Calories Out

by | Oct 15, 2022

Food contains chemical bonds that are broken down to created ATP which fuels our cells for energy. Food also contains micronutrients, zoochemical, fiber and water. They all play an important role in our body, but they don’t provide energy. They are important because they help regulate inflammation, protein synthesis, blood sugar control, protect against cancer, decrease risk of heart disease and more!

Our bodies are a complex organism that requires more than just any calories in to get calories (energy) out. We now know that all food isn’t created equal, most highly processed foods are difficult to digest, not easily absorbed, high in sodium, not used for energy and unfortunately stored as fat. They are absent of the essential micronutrients, zoochemical and fiber that help with brain and body function. Whole foods like vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat, healthy fats and fruit give you the energy you need to function, as well as the vitamins and nutrients to function well.

So, while a 1000 calorie burger, fries and a coke will give you energy to live, it will not give you the same quality energy as a 1000 calorie chicken breast, broccoli, sweet potato and water meal will. Do you ever feel brain fog, exhausted, stressed or depressed? Take a look at the type of food you are putting in your body, it’s often the cause.

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