4 Behaviors That Will Change The Way You Feel

by | Jul 1, 2022

1. Turn your screens off one hour before bed time. How many of us are guilty of falling asleep to the tv or watching reels until our eyes close? I know I am. However, I have found that turning all screens off one hour BEFORE I fall asleep, actually helps me get deeper sleep. The blue light emitted by your tv and cell phone screen restrains the production of melatonin, the hormone that controls your sleep-wake cycle (aka circadian rhythm). That in turn makes it harder to fall asleep and to get up in the morning.

2. Get 7-9 hours of sleep per night. You’ve heard of beauty rest right? Well, sleep does a lot more than that! If you want to look and feel your best, your body needs to recover from all the days stresses. That is what our body is doing when we sleep. It’s repairing all the little (or not so little) traumas we cause or body and mind daily. If you don’t get enough sleep, the stress starts to compound until you can’t handle it. Stress has a major effect on the immune system, it can stop our body from burning fat for fuel and using protein to grow muscle. As result, we can get sick, look and/or feel terrible!

3. Workout 3-5 days per week. Now when I say “workout” that can sound intimidating, but did you know that a brisk walk for 30 minutes is enough to be considered a “workout”? It’s true! If that’s all you do, set a goal to do it everyday. I promise, you will feel better. Walking is great, but strength training is even better! Strength training helps improve balance, bone density, and coordination. It increases muscle mass which increases our metabolism and that is how we burn more fat mass at rest! People that lift weights can eat more food without gaining more body fat. Doesn’t that sound amazing??? Of course moderation is key and eating the right food is important.

4. Eat less processed food. Well, what does that mean? It is food that has been change from its original form to resemble something else. Things like bread, tortillas, crackers, deli meat, pizza crust, cake and cookies. I know, I know all the FUN foods. I didn’t say don’t ever eat them, I just said eat them less. Processed food can be extremely high in sugar, salt and preservatives that can really stress your body. Eating them everyday can result in an imbalance of nutrients and an excess of calories which get stored at fat.

How do you implement these behaviors? Easy, download and print this 4 Behaviors Monthly Chart and check each behavior when you complete it. If you need accountability doing them, let me know and I’l check in with you to see how it’s going.